December 14th, 2004

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Whew. Got a B+ on my figure drawing portfolio, which makes me happy. And Sue said she photographed a lot of my work, which was lovely. I must photograph some and put them on my web site. I should hang some of the drawings up in my room. 2 of them are in the latest Golem, but they printed dark and kind of icky. It just amuses me that Matt G's bare ass is in Golem. And will probably end up on my wall, because I really liked one of the drawings of him that I did. I should also hang that one of Ben and Jess up.

Last night I dreamed that deeevamp had this boutique/salon/clothing store thingy. It was about 15 minutes away, and my mom and I were going there. I went in and we said hi to each other, and it was cool actually meeting D even if it was just a dream. We looked at each other and started laughing because of the height difference. Then this saleslady brought out a rack of shirts for me to look at, only they were really small (like they would fit dolls), and I thought that just because I'm short doesn't mean I wear tiny clothes (quite the opposite, due to my bodacious figure). The shirts had these random images and things on them, like from old TV shows I'd never heard of. I didn't see anything I liked except a bunch of random Pez dispensers that didn't look like Pez dispensers and some board game, so I asked to see the guys clothes, but that's all I remember. I woke up feeling amused. I think that dream was partially due to the conversation I had with Derek shortly before going to bed.

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