January 4th, 2005


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And now, an amusing Ade quote: "This is my 6/23rds sister." (This was after I told my sister you don't need to mention fractions when talking about family members)

Grades are in!
Ceramics I: B
Beginning Chinese I: A
Forms of Poetry:Lyric/Landscp: C+
Figure Drawing I: B

I'm satisfied. And thrilled that I got an A, since this is only my third at Allegheny (ok, so one was an A-, but it still counts). I was worried about my poetry grade since that was the toughest class due to all those journals (many of which I didn't do... I must have done well on the final paper to get a C+). But all in all, this is my second best semester gradewise, so I'm satisfied. Of course, I took 3 of the classes just because I wanted to, so I naturally did better in those. I'm going to miss figure drawing. But I think I can bug certain people to model for me if I get the urge to draw people (clothed, because I know most of my friends would feel weird otherwise).

Curse Daragh for getting me addicted to Runescape! Sure, he's one of my favorite neighbors and didn't mean to, but... I have enough gaming addictions already! I really gotta get to bed now.
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