January 29th, 2005

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More dreams! There were a bunch last night. In one, it was another one of those driving dreams where I'm driving really horribly. Of course, in that one I was kind of kneeling on the seat. Then there was another where I went to a strip club (it was either German, Norwegian, or Russian, I forget), and apparently I didn't have to walk in, I just sort of floated in. For some reason, I decided to go to the men's room, and as I was about to go in, a lady walked out. She looked at me funny and said "you're not a man." I said something like "yes I am" in a deep voice and went in. Then I was in a room where they were going to do a show with both men and women, and all these people started dancing and taking their clothes off. It was kind of funny. One of the women either was or looked a lot like this girl I'm quasi-friends with, which was kind of weird. In another dream, I was visiting some girl's family who lived in this tiny apartment, and I was there alone, setting the table and stuff. Then I had a sketchbook and some dental floss (which was more like a strip of rubber band) and was rolling the floss across the paper, and it made interesting marks. So I started drawing a picture of a girl with it, and I was amazed at how neat it looked. But there were different pictures of this girl, big and small, all over the sketchbook page. Then I was looking through an art catalog, and I saw a picture someone else had made using the rubberish "dental floss." I thought I was being original, but noooooo. I kept looking through it, and then it turned out to be one of those directory thingies they have at hotels. Nick was there talking about something, I don't remember what, but he used the word "emancipation." Finally, in the last dream, I walked into Ben's room, which was actually Nick's room because it was right down the hall and looked kind of like Nick's room. He and Rose were there, and at first I thought Rose was lying on the floor, but it was actually Ben. Then Amanda came in and flopped over sideways on Ben's stomach. I giggled and said, "yay, squish Ben!" and was about to join the Ben-squishing, but then decided Ben probably wouldn't be too comfortable, even though he didn't mind. I was going to sit by them, but then I realized I was still lying in bed and had apparently astrally-projected myself down the hall. And I wondered where Jess was in that dream and figured she'd be really jealous if she walked in and saw Ben surrounded by 3 girls. And then I woke up, amused. The "yay, squish Ben!" part stuck in my head for a while after I woke up. Heh.

Friday nights are interesting when you're the only sober one and one friend is high while the other is drunk and they're both silly. Also, Calvin and Hobbes never cease to crack me up. Calvin is just like me, in many ways. I told Nick we should have a GROSS (Get Rid Of Slimy girlS) branch at Allegheny, and he looked at me funny.

I should wear a superhero costume when taking tests. And say Trotsky invented the cotton gin.
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Yesterday my livejournal turned 3, and I missed it. Oh well. Happy birthday, dear LJ!

Yeah, I know I'm a dork for posting this.
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