February 10th, 2005

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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I've been rather behind in reading my friends page for a while now. And I know February is birthday month for a bunch of people. So happy collective birthday to all of you, even if your birthday is in July. Cake for all! Weee!

I got a package from my folks today. Got some clothes and chocolate and a V-day card from my cats. Oh dear, I just got this mental image of Belle, Moccasin, and Dude all walking into Giant Eagle and browsing through the card section. Hee. I really like the card, it's a picture of a cat in a handbasket, and it says "You could have taken me with you." *cue housemates whining that they miss Dude and I should bring him back*

One of my classes is cancelled tomorrow, so I don't have to be up until 1:30. Weee, sleeping in! I've been having more trouble than usual just getting out of bed in the morning recently, even though I've been getting a decent amount of sleep. And I've been having more vivid dreams. Hmmm.

And it's kind of funny that I'll joke about things like cannibalism, dead babies, torture, and other horrible things and then get really mad when people talk about experimenting on rats. Because torturing and killing people is ok, and torturing and killing rats isn't! Oh, I am a strange child with interesting priorities. Here's a synopsis of lunch today:
Ade: Wee, dead people and eating babies and all sorts of really horrible things I shouldn't be joking about!
Derek: In class, we were drilling a hole in a rat's skull...

Heh. Oh, speaking of rats, Jess's new baby Beckett is so cuuuute, even though he got nervous during all the commotion and pooped on the couch.
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