February 13th, 2005

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Last night was full of hilarity. We were making margaritas and playing Trivial Pursuit. I only had one margarita, but certain others were having a lot. We were playing the kids version, and Ben was getting all the really easy questions and I kept getting the ones that everyone else knew but me. Evil Thom showed up since he was visiting, and I pounced on him as soon as he walked in. It made the game so much more fun with him involved (he and Derek were Team Awesome). Derek had too much to drink and was being funny again. Then everyone left except Nick and me (we didn't even finish the game after two people won, since we were playing until one person was left... that would be me). And then even more horrible things started showing up on the quote board. But that's not all! This morning, Derek had a story to tell. He was pretty damn drunk last night and doesn't remember half of it, but he got a surprise this morning. He woke up realizing he wore neither pants nor underwear, when he had gone to bed wearing underwear. Then he saw that his fridge was open, and there was something brown inside. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a human turd. He wondered who had taken a dump in his fridge for a moment, then realized it was probably him. Now that's a story worth telling! I just had to share it with everyone, and now I call him Mr. Poopyfridge. Muhahahahaaaa... And we finished the game this morning. I lost. Bah. And Derek and Rose drank up all my tequila.

Guess who's getting a penis cake and a Compadres margarita for his 21st birthday tomorrow? Ohhhyeah!

And Dad, if you're reading this, I'm, uh... getting story inspiration from all this. So I can write hugely popular novels and eventually be successful. Right.
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