March 28th, 2005

I actually squealed when I saw this

The guy sure looks like plant food to me!

Spring break in a nutshell:

- I stayed here most of the week, watching the 9-hour CSI marathons with my housemates.

- On Friday, there were 9 dogs at our house. Yes, 9. Jess and Ben were saving more dogs, but it was a bad idea to bring them here. They stunk up the house and barked constantly, and it was really annoying to the rest of us. As awesome as it is to save doggy lives, they shouldn't be brought to this house, especially without consulting everyone who lives here. No more dogs. Feel free to save turtles. Or hermit crabs.

- I went home Friday, and on Saturday my family and I went to see Little Shop of Horrors at Heinz Hall. It was awesome. The acting was great (a little weak with the dentist - Steve Martin did a much better job), there were more songs, and Audrey 2 was done by the Jim Henson muppet company. It's one of my favorite musicals. And in the end, the carnivorous plant triumphed. Muhahahahaaaaa! They didn't have the "Mean Green Mother from Outer Space" song though. Or the masochistic dental patient. But it was still a great show.

- My family went to church this morning, and while I was drifting awake, my sister called to say that my friend CJ was there, so I put on some clothes and drove to church. I hadn't seen CJ since Confluence, and we talked for a few minutes. And of course every time I find myself at church, I end up repeating the same mantra: "Hi, lady I barely know who's friends with my mom. Yes, I'm a senior. English major. No idea what I'm doing after graduation. College is fine. I eat babies. Thank you. I'm going to go partake of the free tea now. See you next time I come back here, which will probably be next Christmas, when I have nothing better to do. Goodbye." And apparently I looked a little drunk staggering around like that, but I was only half-awake and confronted with hordes of people. Anyway, I met the new minister. His name is David Grissom. I was really tempted to ask if he's related to Gil, but I didn't. I also met his daughter, who's about my height but handicapped (she walked with one of those brace thingies). My sister asked if she was in college, but she said she's almost 28. She was nice. And she's had 2 books published. Awesome.

- We had Easter dinner with a bunch of Jews. I was going to leave at 4, but then I found out my mom and sister were going next door for dinner, and my neighbor was almost insulted that I wouldn't be joining them, so I figured I'd stay for dinner. The Ziffs had a bunch of people over, but they were celebrating Purim instead, which was a few days ago. Their 9-year-old niece Jordan was conceived by a turkey baster (her mom is a lesbian). I talked to her for a while, she's cool. I didn't drive back to school until after 8:30, but I made it just fine driving on a rainy night. I probably should have called my mom, but I got distracted with housemates and Adult Swim. Maybe I'll call tomorrow.

Yes folks, that's it. *takes a bow and exits stage left, tripping on the curtain cord on the way out and literally bringing down the house*
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