March 29th, 2005

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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In response to the recent comment wars, I will now say exactly what I feel, uncensored. Please remove any small literate children and/or conservative old people from the room now. Thank you.

Jess, I am ashamed of myself. I'm ashamed that I still called you a friend while you treated my housemates like shit, because you were usually nice to me. I'm ashamed that I stuck up for you when my housemates were talking about what a bitch you are. You might have been nice to me before, but now you've really shown your ugly side. How dare you talk to me that way. I've been nothing but nice and friendly to you, and now you turn around and insult me because I had the balls to confront you about an issue everyone in this house, including Ben, was irritated about. Ok, irritated is too light a term. Enraged is more like it. You don't live here, yet you act like you have the right to do whatever you want, include invade the place with unwelcome animals. So what if you were saving their lives, you're still not allowed to bring dogs here, and if it ever happens again, we're immediately calling security. And it's not just about the dogs. You have no respect for any of us. You're rude to us, you don't care about our feelings, and you seem to think you have a right to do whatever you want in this house because your boyfriend lives here. You eat our food, use our space, and don't do anything in return. You drank a whole bunch of the lemonades Nick bought without compensating him, and you seem to think we're all assholes because we're not saintly animal saviors like you. I don't care how many dogs you've saved, you're not Motherfucking Theresa. You have no compassion for humans. Well I guess you belong with the dogs you so love, because you're a bitch too. I tried to be nice to you even when you were so mean to my friends, but now you've turned on me too. Congratulations, now Ben is the only one in the house that will put up with you. And he feels the same way we do about the dogs. I don't know how or why he still puts up with you. You're rude and controlling to him too. He's been nothing but amazingly nice to you. He deserves someone who will treat him with the same respect and adoration he shows you, and I hope someday he'll see what a vile shrew you are. Prince Charming shouldn't end up with the Wicked Witch. Someday the spell you cast over him will break, and he'll leave you to find the damsel that deserves to be saved. You have been rude to him and his friends. He shouldn't have to put up with this shit from someone who's supposed to respect and care for him. Ben is a better friend than you will ever be. I may sound harsh and cruel saying all this, but you've really gone too far this time. Now it's personal. And I don't care if you spend all night sobbing. You don't care how any of us feel, so I don't care how you feel. How many people will you turn away before you realize that you're just hurting yourself when you hurt others?

Ok, I'm done now. That felt oddly satisfying.

And I just wanted to say that today, the writers' house is looking much cleaner. We pretty much scoured the kitchen and downstairs area, including bagging all the loose trash and even washing out the garbage cans (or "churning the butter"). We totally rock. And tomorrow, we tackle the bathrooms and upstairs area. And Rose and Ben and I got Easter candy on sale at Bilo. Mmm. We deserved it.
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