April 25th, 2005

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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Since I'm graduating soon, I should probably get myself another somewhat respectable-sounding email address. In addition to my college email, I really only have my hotmail account, which I've had since 8th grade (8 years now). Does anyone have a spare gmail code? If you give me one, I'll tell you a story, you pick the topic.

Nick and I did some apartment-hunting today. We're planning on staying here over the summer since neither of us particularly wants to go home, he really doesn't want to live in a dorm next year (not that I blame him - living in a house was so much better), and I'm planning to stay around Meadville next year, just surviving on a basic job and stuff, since a lot of my friends will still be here and I don't have any other real plans or fantastic job offers. So we're looking at 2-bedroom apartments. Get your minds out of the gutter, there's no way we're sharing a bedroom. And we're not "living in sin" as some may call it, since we'll have separate rooms and basically just be housemates again. But there seems to be a decent amount of reasonably-priced apartments fairly close to campus, which is good. Nick talked to one landlord who seemed friendly and had one or two apartments available that sound like what we're looking for. We even made a list of questions to ask and things to look for, because we're smart like that.

I keep having persistent dreams about rats. In the one last night, I was either working or trying to get a job in the pet section of some superstore. They had all kinds of pets. Eels, fish, lizards, spiders, hermit crabs, rats, puppies, kittens, etc. I reached into the box thingy where they kept all the rats, and one bit my finger and held on (which is weird, considering rats almost never bite unless threatened or they get a little too enthusiastic about the food you're holding). I also had these tiny terrariums. I guess one had a couple small hermit crabs and an inch-long lizard in it, but the hermit crabs ate the lizard. There was this huge black fluffy puppy in the store. It was as big as me, and it had thick, soft fur like that nice white dog outside Brooks when the Bloodmobile was here. It jumped up and licked my face, and I was laughing and trying to turn the other way, but it was such a nice dog. Apparently someone bought it. But why do I keep dreaming about rats, usually involving buying/breeding more or pet stores with lots of rats? Conventional dream interpretation says rats stand for negative things, like filth and destruction, but the rats in my dreams are clean and nice (except that one that bit me) and like making babies. Hmmm. They seem to just be about multiplying pets in general. Now I know my rats aren't going to breed, they're both definitely male (it's quite obvious, as male rats have giant testicles - you don't even need to look between their legs, they're just... prominent). And I'm not planning on getting any more animals for a while. Dreams are weird.
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