May 5th, 2005

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I just read the schedule for senior week. It amuses me how most of the events involve free or really cheap alcohol. There's a luau with $1.50 pina coladas. I wonder if they have mai tais. Mmm, those are good. Today I got the commencement tickets and my Smart Person Clothes (cap and gown). The smallest size was 4'9"-4'11", which amused me since I'm 4'9" and at the very bottom of the spectrum. I rock.

I had a dream a couple nights ago that it was 5 or so years in the future. I was somehow pregnant with my 2nd child (weird, since I don't plan on breeding, at least not in 5 years), and I wondered how that had happened (I didn't remember already having a kid and then all the months of the 2nd pregnancy). I knew it would be a girl, since the first one was, and apparently I'm a girl-maker. I was going to go to the hospital, and Nick was there (we must have been married or something) and got in his car. Then the Pregnant Bus showed up. Yes, there was a Pregnant Bus that took women to the hospital. The door opened and Nick drove onto the bus. I waddled up to the door and tried to get on, but the step was too high up and I couldn't get my foot up high enough since my belly was so big. So people grabbed me by the arms and pulled me onto the bus. Then this black guy sitting behind me (I think he was there with his pregnant wife) was laughing at me since I was too short and round to get on the Pregnant Bus. I woke up feeling very amused at the dream in general.

Last night, we went to the midnight breakfast (Yay, free food! And Dr. B serving tator tots!), and then I went to the Penny Bar with Nick and Derek. It was my first time there. First time at a real bar, too. I got this drink that was Sprite mixed with wildberry somethingorother (schnapps?), it was good. We played many, many games of Connect Four. And I totally beat the boys into submission, because I am awesome. "I kick ass so much, I'm having foot pains. From kicking ass. With my foot."

And now it's time for working on finals and apartment-searching. Weeee.
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