May 13th, 2005

Dil Domicile

Take me drunk, I'm home

Making typos is so easy after a Long Island iced tea and half a rum and coke. I went to the senior soiree/casino night thingy and tried some new beverages. Long Island iced teas are really alcoholic but tolerable, and I'm not particularly fond of rum and coke, but that's probably because I don't really like coke. I won stuff. Something for the kitchen, either silverware or dinnerware, I don't remember what it was but they called my number after saying something-piece-set and I get to pick it up tomorrow. I feel a little drunk. For some reason, I associate drunkenness with singing "Into the Woods" songs, probably because that's what happened the time we got the pitcher of margaritas at Compadres and Thom and I walked back from the car singing. I think we were singing "Your Fault." Although those songs are good to sing when sober too. I think after my first or maybe second Tuesday group I walked back to my dorm with Jen and Anne and someone else, probably Nick when I barely knew him, singing "In The Past" and I think for the second time in my college career (the first being my first Tuesday group), I felt like I had found my niche.

It's Nick's birthday, so we went to Compadres. There was a mariachi band there and they were going around to the individual tables. They sang happy birthday to 2 other tables before I asked them to sing to Nick (I'm evil like that) and then they sang us a Santana song.

Senior week has been interesting. This whole week has. I think this entry would be more interesting if I wasn't proofreading or correcting typos. Hey, one of my speakers isn't working. I should check to make sure the wires are still ok. And Good Tom is a funny drunk, especially when he starts singing and talking nonstop on the bus ride home. I loved the bus driver. He said to us, "IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE SICK, DO IT OUT THE WINDOW! AND IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE SICK, YOU'RE A PUSSY WHO CAN'T HOLD YOUR LIQUOR!" Heeheehee.

I hope this post has been sufficiently amusing. Goodnight.
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