May 16th, 2005

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Hi folks. Thanks for all the congratulations and stuff, and I am feeling mostly better now. I took my temp this morning and it was back to normal. Stomach still feels a little weird, but I haven't really eaten since lunch yesterday and food seemed to make things worse. So I might have a bit of rice or something easy on my stomach. I slept a whole lot yesterday and last night, and I'm ok. I moved a car load of stuff to the apartment without feeling queasy or dizzy (that's what happened yesterday when we were moving in furniture after lunch). So I'm pretty much better. (And Cyndi, thanks for the imaginary chicken noodle soup - I'm a vegetarian, but my imagination isn't and it enjoyed the soup very much)

I'll probably be offline for an undetermined period of time. But I'll be back once we get cable internet in the apartment. When I get my cell phone I'll make a filter for people I know (or just really really trust) and post my number/address/new email address. If you're not an LJ friend, just email/IM me for this information.

Off to do errands and then more moving!
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