May 28th, 2005

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So. Who wants a free kitten? We have a young little tiger fellow here at the house, but we can't keep him because we already have 3 cats, and although we're all getting very attached to him, he has leukemia and we're keeping him away from the other kitties so they don't catch it too. He's also deaf. He's such a sweet thing though, very attention-loving and shy but friendly. He doesn't jump or bite/scratch either. Now that I've seized your heartstrings, anyone want to provide a home for this cute little bundle of fluff? He needs a home where he's the only cat and stays inside. While feline leukemia is incurable, it can be treated, and if you can afford to give him the care he needs, he'll be a great pet. Right now he appears relatively healthy for a stray. He's deaf and has leukemia, but with proper care he may stay healthy for several years. He just needs a good home (without any other cats so he won't infect them). If you're in the Pittsburgh (or Meadville) area, I'll deliver, or you can stop by and meet him (uh, provided I actually know you and would trust you with my parents' address). Pleeeeeease?

In other news, I'm home for the weekend since Grandma, Aunt Barb, Uncle Sam, Kara, and Danny are visiting. We're having a party tomorrow, for my graduation and Grandma's birthday. Yesterday I brought Nick back with me (he was going home too, but it was easier to just take one car, and he lives an hour away from me), and he had dinner over and met the whole famdamily. We arrived at the exact same time as the motorhome pulled up, and Sam joked about my tiny little car. At one point during dinner, my little cousin Danny randomly looked at Nick and said something incoherent, and Nick's cell phone rang. Danny must be clairvoyant or something. And Nick really reminded Barb of Uncle Buddy (Grandpa's half brother) when he was young. They apparently have similar mannerisms, like speech inflection, movement, the way they interact with people, etc. And yes, that's a good thing, I've never heard anyone speak poorly of Uncle Buddy. Although there is a family joke about "Uncle Buddy Syndrome," where you're eating a sandwich and it falls apart, or you're doing something and all hell breaks loose. Kind of sounds like Nick, too. I took Nick to his house last night and didn't get back until 3 am (ouch). Today, we went to the pet store to get some fish for the pond, and we also went out for Mexican food. Barb and I went to Pier 1 (she loves that store, and I had never been before) and she bought me a bunch of nifty stuff like a storage thingy, butterfly goblets, and some baskets.

I think I'm going to borrow my mom's minivan for a couple days when I go back, so I can bring up the yellow chair. The thing is older than me (my dad used to feed me in that chair when I was a baby), and I'm very attached to it for various reasons (the first dream I can remember involved it, I used to do headstands on it, etc.), but my family doesn't want it any more. I think I'm doing my family a favor by taking a bunch of their furniture because they have too much already and I'm freeing space in the house. Everybody wins!
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