June 7th, 2005

Alice the mannequin and me!

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Ah, delicious air conditioning in the computer lab. 'Tis hot this week.

Some things I learned about the publishing industry yesterday:
- I'm going to need to recondition myself to use a single space after every sentence, which will be tricky at first since I have "two spaces after the period" drilled into my head.
- Llewellyn steals titles.
- Always let your publisher know of any good publicity you receive.

Oh yes, and I do plan on attending Confluence next month. Anyone want to room with me in the hotel?

Tonight we're visiting with John and Rose and will play the Age of Mythology board game AGAIN since apparently SOME people are getting addicted. I should definitely bring the game to games night in the fall - I bet the other Argo geeks would love it too.
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