June 10th, 2005

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I got a job today. Starting Monday, I get to pack coffee 9 hours a day. Weeeeee. I was hoping for a clerical job doing boring office stuff, but I'll take what I can get. And at least with the long hours I get 5 hours overtime a week, which means more money. A little over $300/week before taxes. I have to get up early now. Bah. And I hated to do it, but I had to call Francesca and reschedule the hours I'm working for her, though it means going over her normal workday. I felt bad about it, but she was understanding. I just need a job to pay the bills, and right now it takes a bit of priority over an unpaid intership.

And Walmart was having a sale on a My Little Pony playset with 2 bonus ponies, so of course I had to pounce. More ponies for me. Nevermind that I just ordered a bunch of ponies online. Hey, toysrus.com is having a sale! Buy 1 2-pack of ponies, get another 2-pack free! And one of the sets had a pony I want and can never find at Walmart! Yes, I have an addiction problem. And going shopping with Rose only encourages it.

It's almost unbearably hot. I got some fans though, and I put one by the rat cage since the boys seem really sluggish lately. They just lie around the cage all day, not in their hammock or house, but out in the open where it's cooler. Dr. Faustus has developed a habit of sleeping on his back. He looks like a bigger version of the little dead rodents my cats leave right outside doors, and I always have to check to make sure he's breathing. They seem a little better now that there's a fan nearby (not blowing in the cage, just breezing over the top a bit). And Dante has been more adventurous lately, climbing around the bars of the cage (they seem to like this cage a lot more than the old one, and so do I since it's much easier to clean). Once he climbed up almost on top of the water bottle and then kind of flumped his way back down. It's quite amusing to watch.

I have the apartment to myself this weekend. Time for massive gaming! Or... organizing my room and doing the dishes.
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