August 16th, 2005


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I was driving back to Meadville on 79 yesterday and passed the Cooper's Lake campground. Tents and cars just coated the place, and it made me want to go to Pennsic, but I can't afford it right now. Ah well. Maybe next year. Rose is an awesome rat-sitter, and she solved the mystery of why Dr. Faustus keeps getting these little sores all over his back. You see, he's quite big and fat for a rat (Dante, on the other hand, is normal-sized), and he keeps trying to squeeze into one of the holes in their little wooden rat house and often gets stuck because he's so fat (Dante doesn't have this problem). The hole is partially chewed and probably has some sharpish edges, so that would explain the little scabs in certain areas. Yay Rose! Well, I got them another rat house anyway, hopefully this one will be a bit safer, and they'll each have a house to themselves if they want, since the old house is too small for both of them (I got it when they were babies, and it was fine for both then, but then they grew up).

When I was in Vermont, I got to drive the huge station wagon. I referred to it as a behemoth and other beastly names (rhinoceros, hippopotamus, etc.) because it's so big. It's kind of weird to drive though, especially since the gas gauge doesn't work and the alignment for the drive/reverse/park/etc. thing is really off. I like my Echo a lot better.
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