August 20th, 2005

I love my hand!

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Well. I've had an interesting week. For one thing, my car's battery randomly decided to die (and no, I didn't leave the lights on). I called AAA, they sent someone to give me a jump, and then I took Echo to Advanced Auto Parts and the nice guys there replaced the battery. But the music doesn't work. There's no sound. It stopped working a couple days before the battery died. Weird. I'd never had a problem with Echo before. I'll tackle the sound problem later.

But at least I have a working car. Nick had an accident yesterday on the way to Francesca's house (she's offering a different internship that has to do with herb gardening, and it's right up Nick's alley). He's ok, just really shaken up. But he won't have a car for a while. Francesca was really nice about it too. After he called to tell her about the accident, she called back to make sure he had someone stay with him since he was in shock. So we watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

A couple days ago, we were getting Chineeeeese food with Rose and John, and Chineeeeeese food is delicious. We were waiting outside for the delivery guy and ended up seeing Dr. B. and Bulman too. I still think Bulman has the coolest license plate ever (SHAXPER, which fits very well since he's one of the top Shakespeare experts). And they put new sand in the playground behind Oddfellows, which feels wonderful on the feet.

I had a dream last night where I was trying to go back to high school for some reason. I don't know why I wanted to go there so much, since I hated high school. But I was trying to catch the bus at the bottom of the hill by my parents' house even though I was exhausted from walking down a long windy road nearby. On the way, I saw my high school friends Sarah and Heather, which was kind of odd since they lived on the other end of town. Then I guess I drove to the high school and Zan was there for some reason and I was trying to visit her in art class. One of my high school art teachers was there and looked at me funny when I tried to go in the classroom to find Zan. I think she wanted me to leave. Then I left and suddenly wondered if I had my car keys with me. In another part of the dream, I was in a big store looking through all the junk there. My mom was telling me to get a bumper sticker that said something about cats on it. Then there was this weird animation sequence that looked really cool in the dream despite being kind of stupid and horrible. This fat lady opened a bag of cat treats for her cats, but instead it was a bag of severed cat heads that spilled everywhere. The cats attacked her, and she ran around trying to get away from them. Then there was just this flock of people running, with something about how everyone was getting fat. Then a fat boy was talking to his skinny sister about how she was too skinny and he was going to join the army. How odd.

In other news, the Meadville farmers market is awesome.
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