August 25th, 2005

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Argh. Something is very wrong with my car. I got the battery replaced, it was fine for 2 days, then wouldn't start. I had it jumped, drove around a while, had someone check the battery and alternator, they seemed fine. A couple days later, it died again. I got it jumped so I could take Rose to the airport, all was fine that day, and I thought that the long drive would charge the battery. The car worked fine yesterday. Today it wouldn't start. So tomorrow it's going to some garage, probably the one where Nick's smashed car is now since we need to go there anyway. I'm wondering if I'll have to pay for it or if insurance will cover it, since I hardly know anything about these matters, and I really don't want to have to ask my parents for money since I'm trying to become financially independent. Oh well. I was going to drive Nick to Francesca's tomorrow for his internship, but I guess that's not going to happen unless my car gets fixed by noon, which it probably won't.

But on the plus side, Joann Fabrics is hiring. I applied yesterday when I went to, uh, get something to make someone something for some occasion. And, uh, more yarn. Because I obviously don't have enough already (2 big baskets of yarn is nothing! Really!). Nobody warned me that yarn is addictive, like crack or My Little Pony. So hopefully I'll get a job there (employee discount!). I bought some yarn I've had a crush on for a while, although the project isn't for me, so I bought more pretty consolation yarn with no particular use in mind. I think knitting is like doing heroin, although it's not as destructive on the body (maybe you can get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or something, but that's about it). It involves needles, and it can be addicting. It's weird. Today I was looking at the cover of Azumanga Daioh 3 at Sakaki's very detailed (and tight) orange sweater, and I could tell that it was rib knit and basically how it was made. *facepalm*

Hmm, cars and knitting. Now there's a contrast in topics. I read that some group was knitting a sweater for a VW Beetle for a car show or something. Interesting.
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