August 26th, 2005

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I had a dream this morning that I was at some nerdy convention (not Confluence or any anime con, but it was for something nerdy) with a bunch of my Argo and Alpha friends (an interesting combination... I think many of them would get along). I think the con was in Vermont, because there were fields or something... it was kind of vague. Then I was sleeping in my hotel room and Jenn came in to wake me up and ask if I wanted to go fishing with her and Jordan and some other people. I said sure, and I'd meet them in a few minutes, but then I actually woke up and realized it was a dream and it was a little after 7 am. Then I started wondering if we'd all get in trouble for fishing without licenses since we're all over 16, and why would I want to fish anyway since I don't even eat fish (I don't really like fish anyway, except some varieties of sushi) and don't enjoy hurting animals for sport.

Speaking of convention dreams, a few nights ago I dreamed that I was at Confluence, but it looked different and I was in a big room with a rack of really cool velvety-looking, dark-colored gowns. Then people wearing these gowns came into the room, and I recognized Ann Cecil and Diane and some other people I don't remember. I guess they were having a ball or something there. Then doors opened and these guys came in, all wearing neat suits and incredibly strange shoes. Some were almost like high heels without the heel but very pointy and hard to describe. Very odd.

So here's a basic Ade update.
Physical health: I feel ok, though there's something wrong with my right ear, so I should probably have that looked at at some point.
Mental health: Ok, aside from stress related to car troubles.

And that's that. For added amusement, I will include the following:
lilbabykate008: well i should cum up and visited sum weekend and visite everyone and play that kerioki game
blupyglet: karaoke
lilbabykate008: yea w/e
blupyglet: you'll have to learn to spell before i'll allow you on the premises
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