September 8th, 2005

Alice the mannequin and me!

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I got my car back today, and it works again. Derek is awesome and gave me a ride to the garage. Apparently the back speaker wires had been pulled out somehow and a loose wire was causing a short, so they fixed that. I stopped at the pet store on the way back to get more rat food, and they had a cage with these insanely cute baby rats in them, they were all either gray or gray hooded (like Dr. Faustus) and tiny, not even as long as my palm (which is pretty small) and just a bit bigger than mice. I wanted to just buy them all and take them home with me, but I already have 2 rats, and I don't know how my boys would react to a wave of babies taking over their cage.

Speaking of waves of babies, you know you have a twisted mind when you pass a buffet restaurant sign saying "half price for children" and you immediately burst out laughing. I saw that sign on the way to get my car, cracked up, and Derek just said, "Only you, Ade." Mmm, delicious half price children.
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