September 13th, 2005

I love my hand!

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Last night, I dreamed that I went with my family to Japan, but I forgot to exchange my money for yen, and I had no idea what the exchange rate was. So I was in a store looking at My Little Ponies and Scooby Doo socks and trying to determine the price. Oddly enough, nothing there was in Japanese and everyone spoke English, but most of the people were Japanese. My sister and I were trying to find our parents so we could ask to borrow some yen or something, and we went by this food place that was selling something like quesadillas (ah, nothing like Japanese Mexican food). I was trying to figure out what to say with the limited Japanese I know, then wondered if they would understand Chinese. Of course, most Japanese people know a bit of English anyway. There was also another dream where a friend kept acting a little too cuddly, even though his significant other was 5 feet away, and I kept asking what he was doing and felt really weird about it.

The ren fest lasts 2 more weekends. I want to go next weekend. I also want to make palak paneer and vegetable samosas.
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