October 26th, 2005


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I just came back from the Sacha Sacket concert, and it was awesome. He's an amazing piano player with an amazing voice. I bought one of his CDs, and he gave me a fortune cookie. Yay! You should check out his music. He's like gay man Tori, but his songs make sense.

I've started reading my friends page again after ignoring it for months and only skimming certain people's to see what they say about recent events and such. So reading some people's, it seems like many things have changed since I was last up-to-date in their lives. Going to college, break-ups, new boy/girlfriends, religious changes, going abroad, etc. It's like putting down a good book for a while and then picking up again a while later, only several chapters after where you left your bookmark.

Speaking of reading, I finished reading "The Austere Academy" in the Series of Unfortunate Events. Nick had borrowed it from me (and I had borrowed it from my sister) a few weeks ago but didn't finish reading it, and I got fed up with waiting to read it last night and asked for it back. I also asked for another one my neighbor had let me borrow that he swiped pretty much as soon as he saw it. *sigh* Must remember to keep books away from Nick. Anyway, I look forward to starting the next book tonight, and hopefully I'll find out what happened to the Quagmire triplets soon, as I liked them quite a lot (partially since they're both writers - if you're confused as to why I said "both" when referring to triplets, you should read the books... hell, read them anyway if you haven't already). It's kind of annoying how the plot is basically the same for every book, but I love them anyway.

And I want to marry Amy's broccoli pot pies. They make me very happy.
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