November 3rd, 2005

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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I'm most of the way through Eragon, and it's surprisingly good (especially for something written by someone so young, which isn't saying that young writers aren't good writers but that amazingness usually comes with time, experience, and practice). There are a few things that bug me though.

a) Half the descriptions are beautiful and vivid, and the other half irritate me with their copious passive voice.

b) Every other chapter seems to end with either Eragon getting injured and blacking out or falling asleep pondering some crazy event.

c) Eragon is naive, reckless, and kind of dumb. "Gee, I wonder what this mysterious liquid is. Maybe I'll pour some on my finger andOHGODITBURNS!!!!!!" How is it that he can be a bumbling idiot one minute and spewing crazy magic the next? He also learns a bit too fast to be believable.

Otherwise, I like the book.

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