December 27th, 2005

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I had Indian food today, therefore today was a good day. India Garden is one of the bestest restaurants in Pittsburgh, IMHO. I was out with my dad most of the afternoon, returning clothing and picking out new stuff (I gave up on finding anything wearable in American Eagle, so we'll just give my sister the gift receipt for the thingy from there and let her pick something since it's more her style). At least I got new wiper blades, which I really needed. Yeehaw.

The neighbors came over for dinner, we passed around the rats (uh, before dinner... we didn't eat them), and my almost-10-year-old neighbor Elli is my height but has bigger hands and feet. At least I can beat her at arm wrestling. And there's nothing like discussing capons at the dinner table. "How do you neuter a capon?" my Swedish neighbor asks, while we kids ("kids" meaning 10-22-year-olds) snicker.

I need to find something to do on Thursday. My parents are probably going skiing, and I think I need a couple weeks to recover from the last skiing episode since I'm in terrible shape. And if I stay home, my sister will want to stay home and then constantly bug me to take her to the mall or Jake's house and so forth, and I'm only a chauffeur to people who appreciate me and don't just use me for my wheels. So I must do something that involves not driving my sister places. Anyone in the Murrysville (or even Pittsburgh) area up for general mayhem and silliness?

I want to marry Palak Paneer. Except I think there's a law in Pennsylvania that says you have to marry another humanoid, not a delicious Indian dish full of deliciousness and deliciousnessosity.
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