January 1st, 2006


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Ah, 2005 went out interesting and came in interesting too. On the eve of the new year, my dad and I went to a former neighbor's new townhouse (she recently divorced her husband, who still lives down the street, and apparently their teenage sons kind of pinball back and forth now). My dad spent hours trying to fix her computer, and I had fun with Colin and Daragh. Colin showed me his addictive computer game, Battle for Middle Earth, and we set up "pranks" for each other (one of us would set up bags, boxes, blankets, etc. in ways that someone could trip or fall down the stairs, and then the other would walk into them and make a big deal of falling and getting tangled in stuff, all in slow motion so we wouldn't hurt ourselves). He's 13 now, and he's my height now. He's a rather small kid too, but this is the last time I'll be able to look him in the eye without tilting my head up. Fun times. Then I got together with Megan, we had Indian food (the only thing better than eating Indian food is eating it twice in one week), and she stayed over. Grand Theft Auto is a game I should probably not get addicted to, as playing it makes me scream "RUNNING OVER PEDESTRIANS, WEEEEEEE! OOH, I WANNA KILL PEOPLE WITH CHAINSAWS! HEY, GIMME YOUR CAR!" Yep. Little, quiet, innocent-looking Ade going crazy on a driving/killing rampage. Scrabble is also more fun with alcohol, except when I lifted the NRVs (nasal relief valves) after putting "shart" on the board (I don't care if it's not an acceptable word) and giggling while taking a sip. Eesh.

Today involved watching Shaolin Soccer (one of the greatest and silliest foreign movies I've ever seen) and Big Trouble in Little China. And I tried out The Sims 2 on Megan's computer... let's just say that when people say, "I'm really addicted to this game! Here, you want to play?" then I know it's my cue to run away or I'll get sucked into it too. But I did like the game a lot better than the original, especially when you tell your characters to make out, and they pounce on each other. Pouncing makes everything more fun.

First post of the new year. Weeeeeee.
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