January 3rd, 2006

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I got an alum forwarding email address so I could rejoin facebook. Yippee.

Also, the remake of The Producers varies between wildly hilarious and ridiculously stupid, and I did enjoy it, though Will Farrell always makes me want to kick him in the nards, because he tries too hard to be funny and just acts like a douchebag. I still need to see the rest of the original... I should rent it sometime. My parents and I saw it because Memoirs of a Geisha was sold out (currrrrrses!). Ah well, watching flamboyantly gay men frolic always makes my day.

Methinks I'll return to Meadville tomorrow for however long I feel like, since nobody's there, and I have no idea what Nick is up to, but I assume he's still alive. I just need to get the mail, feed the fish, and do some stuff, and I'll probably pinball between Murrysville and Meadville until it's time to head east and visit Rose, go to NYC for the first time (I kinda drove through it once, but that doesn't count since I've never actually been in the city), and then head over to MIT for the Mystery Hunt. By the bye, if any people in the area *poke poke* want to get together, they should let me know. I suppose I should also let my Massachusetts family know I'll be in the area, because they'd be awfully offended if I was in the area and didn't at least drop by to see them. All my mom's immediate relatives (all 5 of them) live somewhere in Massachusetts. So... we'll see. I guess this means I should set up a schedule for myself and figure out when I'm going where and what I'll be doing. Oy.

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