February 9th, 2006


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I had a dream last night that Rose and I were on a plane, and she started singing "Take Me or Leave Me" (from "Rent") really loud and it annoyed the pilot. I woke up with the song firmly embedded in my head, and it didn't go away for several hours.

I definitely want to go to the Pittsburgh Knitting Festival later this month. I also want to go to Tekkoshocon, since I don't have a comp I should be working on this year. It's also amazing how discussion of Tekkoshocon at an Argo meeting can lead to discussion of my hot underage sister. Boy, I mention the possibility of hosting people, and someone once again brings up the running joke about my sister. Wow. *bangs head against wall*

The thought of going to two different conventions in a little over a month makes me feel even nerdier than ever.
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