February 14th, 2006

I'm just a sweet transvestite...

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Happy birthday to Derek, who's abandoning us to hang out with his OTHER friends tonight. Oh well. We shall postpone the craziness.

Today I got Valentine flowers from a man who loves me very much. Thanks, Dad!

I like to think of today as a day for single people to stop feeling bad about themselves, hang out with other single friends, and consume vast amounts of chocolate. Actually, it's better to eat chocolate tomorrow, since it will be on sale. I also find it amusing how Harry Potter romantic drama (the drama in the books, not all the slashy drama people always seem to read into) reminds me a lot of all the drama among my friends. Especially Ron and Lavender. Heh.

Yesterday I went to Erie with Nick (for some reason he wanted me to come with him since he had a psychologist appointment) and ended up spending a couple hours knitting in the hospital waiting room. We went out to dinner afterwards, and that Italian place totally lied about their 10 inch calzones. The one I got had to be at least 14 inches. It was as long and thick as Nick's forearm. It made me wonder just how big their 18 inch calzone is.

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