March 7th, 2006

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Last night, we had a guest in the apartment. Rose found a lost cat and wanted to take it to the humane society, but it was past closing time. So Nick and I agreed to keep it for the night and take it to the humane society the next day. And we did. He's a very nice cat, a brown/white tabby, very friendly. He seems to be someone's pet, as he's healthy (except for a bit of a cold and sore nose), seems well-fed, and didn't mind being repeatedly put in a box and taken places. There was a bit of an adventure when I was taking him to the apartment and the box lid came off. He made a break for it and ran away from me across 2 (thankfully not busy) streets before I caught up to him and convinced him to let me pick him up. I hope he finds his family again.

Also, I'm running Tuesday group tonight. People better show up.
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