March 13th, 2006

I'm just a sweet transvestite...

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ICON RAGE!!!!!!!!!

In other news, fondue party = incentive to clean apartment. I should have parties more often. Next week, there will be a party in Ade's room so she'll take care of all the junk on the floor. Actually, a party in my room would be a bad idea, since the only seats are my computer chair and bed. Plus, I just know someone would offer beer to my rats, and I don't want them getting plastered and pooping in their fridge their food dish (which is elevated to prevent that). Anyway, the party was fun, I think everyone had a good time, and I learned that Hershey's Kisses don't melt well, so I should only use the chocolate chips next time.

It kind of annoys me when I'm reading things that science/psychology-inclined people write, and they complain that their rats bite them. Most domesticated rats don't bite if you treat them well. They might nibble your fingers gently, especially if you recently handled food, but they only bite when they feel threatened or they get a bit too enthusiastic about a piece of food you're handing them and get your fingers instead. So if you're wondering why your rats bite you, maybe you should put yourself in their place. If some giant creature kept you in a cage, fed you the same food pellets every day, performed experiments on you that are often painful (depending on the experiment), and handled you roughly, you'd bite them too. My rats don't bite because they know I'm nice, and I spoil them rotten. Although I wouldn't mind performing harmless psychological experiments on them, like making a maze and timing how long it takes them to find the peanuts.

I feel the need to advertise Alpha here, even though I'm preaching to the choir, half the people who read this went to or were involved with Alpha, and most of the rest are too old. But Alpha is bliss, just ask almost anyone who's ever gone.

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