March 20th, 2006


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A day with Indian food is a good day. I've been in Murrysville the last couple days (going back tomorrow), and today I got together with Megan. There's a wonderful vegetarian Indian place in Monroeville called the Udipi Cafe, so we ate there. I finally learned how to pronounce "Gulab Jamun" correctly - for the past 5 years I was worried about pronouncing it wrong and sounding like a stupid American, so when we were ordering dessert I asked the waiter. Goo-lahb Jah-mun (with the u like in "put"). Just what I thought, but now I feel like less of a stupid American. Weeee. There's also a cool Indian video/clothing place next to it, with a very nice and helpful clerk. I saw the first 4 episode of Fruits Basket today (I'd never seen/read it but wanted to), and I do like it. Kagura is awesome. I wish I could be friends with her. I'd probably end up hugging her a lot, just to watch her transform into a pig and then back into a naked girl. Hee. Also, I need to get that Katamari game, because world domination by rolling things up in a ball is fun AND hilarious.

Oh yes, and I'm getting a laptop. So I can do nerdy things ANYWHERE.
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