March 25th, 2006

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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So this scenario amuses me.

Ade: I had Indian food.
Ade: So, does anyone know of a good Indian restaurant near the Pittsburgh airport?
*crickets chirping*

Ah well. If my dear friend Google isn't helpful, I'll just settle for the India Garden in Oakland.

Nick and I made Mexican food last night. He made black bean soup and margaritas, and I made chimichangas. So, of course, the soup was INTENSELY flavorful (it was ok spiciness-wise, but he put a lot of seasonings in it because he's Nick), and the margaritas were especially potent. I couldn't drink more than a sip or two of mine, since it was about 50% alcohol and incredibly sour to boot. Sheesh. Nick said he could barely taste the alcohol, but he was quite drunk after only one margarita. And when he has a lot to drink, he gets VERY talkative. Even after I went to bed and was almost asleep, he came into my room, sat down at the foot of my bed, and kept talking to me, completely ignoring my "gowayineedasleep" mumbling. I sure hope that boy never takes up bartending.
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Alice the mannequin and me!

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I've been thinking. I want to host a murder mystery dinner party sometime. Maybe in a couple weeks. People could make characters with absurdly upperclass names and dress up. And we could eat fancy stuff and accuse each other of killing someone. It's an RPG without dice and stupidly complex rules! So, is anyone local interested?

Also, let's get a show of hands here. Who's going to Tekkoshocon?
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