April 8th, 2006

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Today was eventfultastic. Rose and I went to Walfart and Joann Fabrics for supplies for her art project (and yarn for me, of course). From all the stuff she got at Walfart, it looked like she was going to have one big bath party (lots of towels, flip flops, lotion, loofahs, and shampoo for her models). Quite amusing. Later on, I watched her paint JC orange and then take pictures of him. It was hilarious watching the painting process, since half the time, JC was shrieking and giggling since it tickled and the paint was cold. It was also fun seeing people's reactions as he walked through the campus center in a pink bathrobe with orange skin. I wish I could paint people. But my modesty and reluctance to get within 3 feet of most people prevents that... oh well. I'll settle for figure drawing.

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