May 28th, 2006

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I just watched The Brothers Grimm. Wouldn't reccomend it. Full of cliches, predictable, and looked like it ripped off a whole bunch of different sources. In the deleted scenes, there was a fight with a tree that looked like they had taken most of the whomping willow scene from Harry Potter and the Whatever Movie That Scene Was In (Goblet of Fire?) and edited in new characters. And the story? Mediocre. Like they rummaged around in the slush pile to find it. Look, if you're going to mash fairy tales and that sort of thing together, you have to do it right or it ends up crappy. Like "Into the Woods." That musical was successful and awesome. But come on, a 2-minute scene of some fairy tale cliche tacked onto a sad plot doesn't add anything good. Blech. And most of the characters were stupid and annoying. The French people sounded like idiots (but then, I usually think that anyway), and I just wanted to shoot the torturer guy to make him shut up and cease the atrocious acting.

I liked the costumes though. That part was good.

In closing, make sure your plot doesn't suck before blowing your budget on special effects and stuff. It's like coating a dead body in glitter. It may look prettier, but it's still a dead body.
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