June 8th, 2006


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H'okay, I think I'm figuring out my schedule for this summer. Lots of things to do, places to go, people to see, and stuff to plan. I need to get out RSVPs and register for things, make travel and hotel arrangements with people, find suitable clothing to wear to special events, and so forth. I should also decide if I want to and/or have time to do other things that are in the "optional" category right now. Well, I'll figure this out in the next week, hopefully. If all goes well, I'll be in 4 different states this summer (6 if you count connecting flights in places I've never been) with a slight chance of even hitting Canada at one point. Oh yeah, anyone want to share a room with Megan and me at Confluence this year? Nobody has to respond yet, I'm just getting this out now and will ask again (and on the Alpha list) later. I plan to prereg and make reservations tomorrow so that we don't get stuck with one bed again this year even though last year the lady said we had two. No way I'm sharing a bed with 3 other people again, that nearly gave me an anxiety attack last year. We shall have two double beds and not be squished and miserable.

I went over to visit Laura this afternoon (I hadn't seen her in person in well over a year), and we started making furry wings. We also made excruciatingly chocolatey pudding. And yesterday, Megan and I had Indian food. Fun tiiiiiiiiimes.

Been doing job hunting and schtuff, not getting any replies except one form rejection (weeee). No idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing come September, but I'd better have either a job lined up or a couple good leads by the end of August, because I'm not living with my parents any longer than I actually need to. So far, I'm willing to go anywhere but NYC and not-entirely-safe-countries, and I've been trying to find suitable publishing-related jobs. Once I find a job, then I'll hunt for an apartment or small, cheap house in the area. Location depends on job. Weeee. Since Megan's parents will be moving sometime in the next I-don't-know-when, she's not sure if she's going to move and might stay in Pittsburgh, so if I also stay in Pittsburgh, we could possibly live together. And Megan is one of the few people I know I could actually stand living with, so there's an option. Not much in the way of suitable-for-Ade jobs here, but that's ok. Why is it that most of the suitable-for-Ade publishing jobs are in NYC, the one city in America where I DON'T want to live and/or work? *shrugs* Ah well.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a somewhat girly dilemma. I need appropriate nice clothing to wear to fancy things. Now, when I need to dress up, I usually wear nice black pants and a decent shirt, but I need something nicer and not black (I'm thinking green, since it's appropriate and apparently a good color on me). I don't want to wear anything that compromises my comfort and not-ambiguous androgyny (meaning nothing body-hugging, revealing, or overtly feminine). I was thinking nice not-black pants and a nice shirt or something (MAYBE a skirt if I can wear pants under it, because wearing a skirt by itself feels weird). My mom was thinking of having an outfit made, kind of Indian-ish with loose pants and a long tunic-ish-I-think type shirt (I don't know, I called her from the mall yesterday and she brought that idea up). It's a possibility. On the other hand, I could just buy some pre-made Indian clothes... dude, I should totally wear a sari... I'd probably accidentally kill myself trying to wrap it though. Ah well, I'll figure this out. But then there's shoes. Sandals? And what about hair? And can I get away with either no makeup or something very minimal? Accessories? I mean, this isn't the prom or anything, I'm just trying to appear not-sloppy, but I'm not used to all this girl stuff. I wish it was more socially acceptable for females to wear suits and ties instead of dresses to things (I mean, it is acceptable to a certain degree, but not for things I'm attending). But it's not worth having a gender identity crisis or anything. I'll get through this with minimal emotional and financial trauma, thankyouverymuch. Although apparently I need TWO really nice outfits for my cousin's wedding, since there's the rehearsal dinner. Is that for the wedding party only, the family only, or for all the guests? I don't know. I haven't been to a wedding in 7 years, and that last one was a miserable experience for me (never again will I get sucked into being a bridesmaid unless I can wear something more MODEST and COMFORTABLE), but this summer I plan on going to two weddings. Oy. I'm looking forward to them, it's just that I have to deal with the issue of personal appearance. But I can handle it. I'm just not ready to be a girl yet.

Pardon the rambling. I'm just sleepy, and that makes me rambly.
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