June 16th, 2006


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So here is what Ade has been up to recently:

- Life is crazy, as usual, but what do you expect?
- I saw X-men 3 with Rose on Tuesday. It was awesome. A certain scene reminded me a lot of a certain scene in Harry Potter 4, but there I go making weird connections again. I need to see the first 2. And read more comics so when my friends talk about X-men comics for hours, I can do more than just stand there awkwardly and offer more than just "Uh... Storm is my favorite" to the conversation.
- Yesterday my sister called me from across the street, telling me to come over because people were hanging out by our neighbor's pool. So I went, and my sister promptly showed me where they kept the Mike's hard lemonade, told me to take one, and insisted that I drink it. Hmm. She then stole sips several times when I wasn't looking, and I yelled at her for getting germs on my drink (and no, we do NOT have the same germs, YOU kiss BOYS who are just FESTERING with germs...). Grrrgrrrgrrr. I pushed her into the pool, and my neighbor finally convinced me to let her push me into the pool (fully clothed, of course, though I took my sandals off). Weee. I don't go swimming very often.
- We went over to my dad's new place yesterday. There was this little swampy area with cattails and daisies nearby, and I wanted to play with the cattails since I love them and rarely see them outside of Vermont, but they were all down in this steep, marshy ravine, so I couldn't get to them. Sad panda. So I walked inside to see the place and promptly stepped in a half inch of soapy water on the floor, since the washing machine was apparently going haywire or something. The place is a very modern, kind of boring-looking townhouse, but then, he just moved in on Wednesday and hasn't really had a chance to do anything with it yet. All I can say is that the middle floor bathroom needs to be painted (Katie agreed), but he actually likes the dull, diluted brown color. Ick. At least he bought the Connect Four game.

I think the week was more eventful than that, but that's all I really remember or care to talk about for now.

I recently joined Netflix, so I'm happy. First up on the to-watch list is Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill, because I NEED to see Eddie Izzard and keep hearing how hilarious he is and keep laughing when people quote him, so that's a given. I'm also excited because of the following:
- Bollywood movies!
- I can rent guilty pleasure movies I wouldn't dare rent in public (Oh, Ridiculously Girly Chick Flick? It's... uh... for my sister. Yeah. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go find Panda Pirates vs. Tranny Ninjas.)
- Anime!
- Now I don't have to talk to the lady at Giant Eagle who is nice but never ever shuts up!
- Now I don't even have to leave the house beyond the mailbox! Goooooo laziness!

Right. To breakfast! Or... lunch! Yay for delicious leftover pasta from that new Italian place!
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