July 11th, 2006


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Well, that was a pretty fantastic weekend. Jen and Brian's wedding was awesome (this will be the 45632087560834th post about the wedding... boy, everyone's journaling about it). It was worth 16 hours in the car with Nick (8 hour drive to Albany and then back the next day!). The service was nice. I'd never been to a Catholic wedding before, but I heard a rumor (MANY years ago) that they're painfully long. This one wasn't. But they looked so happy (I kept wondering if Jen's face ached from wearing a huge grin the whole time), and it was wonderful and rave rave rave. I took a few pictures, but they kind of sucked since I'm short and was among tall people. The reception afterwards was fun too. It was great to see some Allegheny people again and meet some new interesting folks. Despite my aversion to dancing (I like watching other people dance though), I was actually out there half the time, usually thanks to other people. I danced with four BOYS. Four. Wow, that seems like a lot. Well, I was already friends with two of them (Nick and Brandon), and the other two sat at our table (Bill who kept getting me to dance and whatshisfacewhosenamebeginswithM). It was more like junior high style dancing, since I can't really dance in the first place. And I don't think I got cooties either. Let's see... watching people feed each other cake is always cute. Too cute. And I got dragged/shoved out on the floor for the bouquet tossing (my friends are violently trying to get me hitched, I swear), but fortunately it flew nowhere near me. And if it did, I'd be running away in terror, partially to avoid the outcome and partially to avoid getting mauled by a pack of bouquet-hungry females. Ahahahahaha I triumph again... by standing in the wrong place. Yes.

Anywho, after the reception, I was just exhausted and promptly fell asleep once we got back to the hotel, even though people were partying in someone else's room (I would have gone if I wasn't half dead at that point). The next morning, there was a brunch, so I got a chance to talk to people more and stuff. And Jen was wearing an "I [heart] my geek" shirt, which was very appropriate. And to end the day right, once Nick and I made it back to Pittsburgh, we went to Mad Mex (they opened one in Monroeville, which makes me very happy indeed).

The only thing that bothers me is that I didn't get to finish their wedding present on time. Maybe because I waited until pretty much the week before to REALLY get cracking, but I was ALMOST finished. So I gritted my teeth and scribbled a note on the back of my card's envelope saying I'd give them their present at the August reception. But I still feel like a failure. I usually get stuff done at the absolute last minute, and I didn't make it this time. Oh well. But it will be FABULOUS once it's finished, though... once I put the last... 2 hours of work into it. *hangs head* I'd better get started on that present for my cousin Allen and his fiancee Angela soon though, their wedding is at the end of August. My mad knitting skillz will prevail eventually.

So I was in an excellent mood today. 'Tis good. Even though Rachel got kicked off of Hell's Kitchen. There's definitely something going on between her and Heather though... the show would have been so much more awesome if they just put in a 10-minute scene of the girls kissing. Or something.

I'm tired... again. Bed soon.
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I miss somebody right now. × I don't watch much TV these days.  ((Ha, I'm with Rose 2-3 days a week)) I own lots of books.
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