July 15th, 2006

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Last night I had a dream that Megan was getting married. I had the feeling it was a dream, because I was thinking, "Wait a minute, Megan doesn't even have a boyfriend... does she?" There was nothing about who the groom was, and he didn't even appear in the dream, which I found amusing. So we were going to this place where the reception was going to be. Only it was the worst place for a wedding reception, because there were neither bathrooms nor tables, and you need both for a good reception, unless you want your guests to be very uncomfortable in many ways. So Megan was rather annoyed about this. But I think the funniest part was the game show. Yes, there was a game show called "Who Wants to be a Bridesmaid?" where like 20 girls were competing for 3 or 4 bridesmaid positions. I think I was already going to be one and didn't have to be on the show, but it was weird, and there were a whole bunch of girls I didn't recognize there. But what a concept for a game show! Actually... I could totally see it happening, that's the scary thing (to accompany "Who Wants to Marry [whatever network executives want]?" I woke up feeling very amused. And then Megan called today, and I seriously wondered for a moment if she called to tell me she was getting married (she wasn't, she was just calling to tell me there's a new Indian buffet restaurant opening close to her house).

My sister came back from camp today, and as my dad was driving through narrow Pittsburgh streets, he was coming close to hitting cars and running stop signs. My sister was giving him a hard time about it (after all, he was driving her car and did wreck his own car two months ago). Then he just randomly said, "Shhh, Katie, this is a deaf child area," as we passed a sign for it. That one had me cracking up for a while.
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