July 22nd, 2006

I love my hand!

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I went with my mom and sister to Greensburg today, and we had lunch and went to this miniatures shop. I love miniatures, so it was like a candy store for me, though things were expensive and I like making my own. There's this wooden doll house in the basement that I want to fix up and make awesome someday. I think I'll make stuffed animals for it instead of dolls though (since I tend to find animals more interesting than people).

Also, I've been seeing a lot of I-wish-I-could-go-to-Alpha-this-year posts, and I feel the same way. But I had my two years, and I'm getting old (my sister told me today that I seem so old... and I kind of feel old because when she's my age, I'll be 30). It's awesome seeing how the workshop is evolving and taking off, and I'm proud that I was there the first two years of its existence. And seeing many Alpha friends at Confluence is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Less than a week left! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

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