July 26th, 2006


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Well, I just had an adventure. My dad came over, and we drained the backyard pond. It had been leaking, and he got a new tub thingy to use (I think the dogs next door kept puncturing the liner when they'd jump in, despite any effort to keep them out). So my bath tub is full of fish (11 goldfish, 1 koi, and a few babies) and plants. Catching a 9 inch koi is not as easy as it looks, even when using a net and one hand. I found some cool shiny koi scales while excavating the pond, though. I still don't know what happened to Nick the koi, he disappeared a few months ago. He was smaller than Fetcher (yeah, we named the koi after the rats in Chicken Run), and I thought he was prettier, but he vanished. Maybe something fished him out and ate him. Oh well.

So after an hour or two of bringing buckets of water upstairs, filling my mom's tub, terrorizing the fish with a net, and so forth, I was looking for a mop to clean up some of the water we tracked in. I thought we were done. Nope. "There's a problem!" I yelled. "The ceiling is leaking!" The water was leaking onto the dining room table, so we moved the table (fortunately, no major damage), moved the fish/plants into the tub in my bathroom, and took care of that. Phew. Apparently there's a leak in the whirlpool system in my mom's tub (it's a jacuzzi, but nobody really uses the tub), and it leaked last time the tub was used, when my sister and our neighbor Julia used the jacuzzi. Fun times.

Oh, and my dad found a ground hornet nest by the pond. Not in a screaming-words-your-mother-would-smack-you-for-and-bolting-faster-than-an-Olympic-runner way, though that would have been exciting. It was more like, "Hey, a hornet. Ooh, another one... and another... I'm going to leave now." When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled, brave Sir Robert...

Who on earth is running power tools outside at 10 pm? It sounds like they have a circular saw going, so I hope they have some decent lighting set up. I don't want to hear horrified screams and "Ow, my hand!" at this hour.

On a good note, I have a job interview tomorrow. Woot! And 2 days to Confluence! Yayyyyy!
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