July 29th, 2006


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First of all, Francesca revised the submission guidelines to be more man-friendly. So here they are again, and SUBMIT, DAMMIT, or I shall send evil gnomes to gnaw at your soul. Or doves... evil doves.
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Confluence has been fun so far. I played Mafia with the new Alphans, who seem interesting. Last night I ended up talking to Zan in the con suite until 3 am. We went there a few hours earlier, and while we were standing around getting food and talking, this guy sitting alone at a table with his laptop seemed very amused by our conversation. When we sat down, he joined us, because apparently out of all the weird conversations he'd heard, ours was the weirdest. So we just carried on, and this other guy kept walking by the table when I'd say the most questionable things (like "my wood isn't big enough" - talking about making golf sound like innuendo, and "if I was a 63-year-old male virgin..."). Then we started taking turns drawing random things in Zan's notebook and writing the word "porn" all over the place (it's just a fun word!). Fun times.

When I got back to the room, everyone was asleep, and it was dark so I couldn't see the beds very well. On one of the beds, I couldn't tell if there was one person or two on it, but there was space on one side, so I crawled onto the bed with ninja stealth and lay on the side. A couple minutes later, Megan rolled over, wondering if I was Slade (who was on the floor), and asked me why I was lying on the edge of the bed when there was a lot of room on the other side. There were a ton of blankets on the bed, and most of them were pushed over on the other side, so I had thought it might be another person. So that was my ninja stealth sleeping operation last night.

Today I've basically been going to panels, hanging out with people, and getting poked in the forehead. Apparently wearing a Naruto forehead protector (um, along with the panda ears and the Naruto shirt, since I'M A HUUUUUUUUGE NERD except not huge) makes people want to punch or poke me in the forehead (hey, the protector works well for that). And people who weren't there the first year or two of Alpha keep asking about the panda ears. The explanation can be found here, from back in the days when I was too lazy to use the shift key when typing emails and posts. The downside to wearing panda ears is that people over the age of 30 often assume it's a furry thing. I am NOT a furry. I'm just a panda pimp (though I didn't bring the sword cane this year).

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