August 15th, 2006

Moccasin eating spaghetti

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So, the last few days have been satisfying. I've been bouncing around places like the little monkey I am. There was Compadres food with good friends, farmers market awesomeness, finishing knitting projects for once, an awesome reception with awesome people, visiting Francesca and meeting Candace (who's also on the Faerie Nation magazine staff), and going shopping with Francesca (I took her to the health food store and Walmart, and we wreaked havoc and had fun and stuff).

Tomorrow I shall make gazpacho and rhubarb pie. Um... I mean, I shall make gazpacho and ALSO make rhubarb pie. Hmmm... I wonder what a cold tomato/cucumber/rhubarb pie would taste like. Probably very interesting, no doubt. But I want to share some soup and pie with my neighbors, since Bonnie has basically been handing me all sorts of food this week, and she helped me drive back from Vermont, so I need to do SOMETHING for them.

Also, something is bullying my cats. I think it's a black and white cat that I've seen on our property in the past couple weeks. A few weeks ago, something bit Belle (she's ok now), and this morning I heard a cat screeching outside. I went downstairs and opened the door, and Moccasin ran in with his fur all ruffled, and it looked like he had been in a fight. Dude seems fine though. Of course, he's rather skittish, so he's probably been avoiding any bully. But Belle is old and slow, even though she used to kick other cats' asses back in her younger days (she still reminds the boys to steer clear of her). Moccasin likies to pounce on Dude and Belle, but he's not aggressive, just playful. So I hope the bully cat will buzz off. Nobody messes with MY cats.
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