August 17th, 2006

I'm just a sweet transvestite...

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My sister just showed me pictures of some distant cousins I'd never met that she hung out with in Vermont this summer. They're two boys, 11 and 15, and they have the most FABULOUS hair. It's sooooooo curly, I wanted to reach through the picture and pet it. Yeah, I'm totally like Ramona Quimby, always wanting to touch the boing-boing curls. Anyway, the 15-year-old looks a lot like Frodo from the LOTR movies, and the 11-year old has shoulder-length curly hair and is absolutely adorable.

Now to the funny part. The 11-year-old was talking to my Pop Pop about how he liked to play football, and Pop Pop asked, "Girls football?" And a waitress apparently called him "Ma'am." Oh, the hilarity. I mean, I could tell he was a boy from the picture, but I think the fabulously long, curly hair could confuse people.

So yes. That was my laugh for the day.
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