September 6th, 2006


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Today I went to work for Francesca, and then I ended up wandering around campus and running into people. I saw Sam and Thom again, and some other friendly acquaintances, which was good. I also witnessed the naming of one of the new Argo kids, who is now called Ulysses S. Nachos.

Francesca: [talking about email] So after the email sends, it will automatically go to the trash can. Go to trash and print just that email. Got it?
Ade: Right. Print all trash.
[Cue uncontrollable laughter from both of us. Francesca gets up to leave and playfully whacks me with some papers. A minute later, she returns.]
Francesca: Ade, you got it wrong. Print all trash 20 point Times New Roman!

We are silly, silly people. I guess it's one of those "suppose you had to be there" things.

Yesterday the minister and his wife and daughter came over for dinner and to help rearrange some of the stuff in the family room. I got into a discussion with Joycelyn, who's a few years older than me, about Harry Potter, writing/publishing novels, and stuff like that.

Also, I'm pretty much done with Faerie Nation Mag stuff for now. Weeeeee! Now I can relax a bit until it's time to be the Editor from Hell for the next issue! And Francesca promised there would be no more 2-hour editorial meetings. At least we got a lot accomplished, and it's good XP so I can level up in the editing skill. What am I, like a level 20 editor now? With the Pen of Dooooooom with its +74 self-esteem-crushing bonus?

Goodness, I'm such a geek...
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I should watch the Food network more often. It makes me want to cook, which is good because otherwise I just make quick, easy, not-so-nutritious food for myself. Also, Rachael Ray is so adorable you just want to squeeeeeeeze her. Or just get her to cook for you.

I'll be back in Meadville on Monday, if anyone cares. Working for Francesca, of course, but I'll stick around the area afterwards if anyone wants to wreak havoc or something. I kind of wish I had gone to Meadville on Monday this week instead of Tuesday since Ben was there, and I haven't seen him in a few months. And apparently he was sleeping with Thom in the supply closet. Sexy? :oP

Also, the Sims in one of my neighborhoods keep having twins. Most of the households have twins. I think there are like 6 families now (well, 5, but someone got married and moved), and there are 4 sets of twins: Amy and Antonio, Castor and Pollux, Zoot and Dingo, and Pangaea and Gondwanaland. Yes, I like giving my Sims interesting names. And the funny thing is, right after Slutty McSlutterson had one set of twins, she got pregnant again and had another set. So she's raising 4 girls all by herself.

I love playing Goddess.
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