September 14th, 2006

I love my hand!

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I went to Cleveland yesterday and saw Zan, which was awesome. We were going to go to the Stitch 'n Pitch game, but it was rainy, so a coin toss decided we were going to do SCA stuff, which was interesting. And that, ladies, and gentlemen, was a run-on. HA! Anyway, yesterday was satisfyingly Zantastic.

And whenever I hear people talk about high school (and college too, for that matter), it always makes me glad I graduated. But then again, working isn't entirely fun either, unless your job involves playing video games in a room full of kittens while ridiculously gorgeous vestal virgins serve you ice cream. Hmmm, I wonder where I can find a job like that...

A few minutes ago...
Katie: [up in her loft bed] Hey Ade, come here. Could you hand me a pen from my desk?
Ade: Ok. [hands her a pen]
Katie: No, that doesn't work.
[Ade hands her several more pens that don't work]
Ade: Do any of your pens work?
Katie: Look in my backpack. [Ade grabs 3 pens and hands them to her. Katie takes one, and Ade goes to leave.] Oh, could you hand me my notebook?
Ade: Grrr... [throws it at her]
Katie: And maybe a cup of coffee...
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I have now seen Clerks, for those of you who once bugged me for not seeing it. It is amazing. The end.
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