September 29th, 2006


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I just beat my mom at Scrabble by 1 point. I r0xX0r. She kept using the words "rats" and "damn," though neither of them ever appeared on the board. She spoke of rats so much that it inspired me to bring them some banana slices. I ate the other half of the banana, which in turn thrilled my mom that I was eating it (although I doubt there's a potassium deficiency in my "diet"). So I guess we all won, in our own ways.

Speaking of my mom, I have a funny story. Our washing machine broke a few days ago, and the repairman was quite an interesting fellow. He called earlier yesterday, when I didn't know he was supposed to be coming, and I had the feeling I was dealing with a double-digit IQ.

Guy: Hello, did someone call for something to be repaired?
Ade: Um... not that I know of.
Guy: Oh. Are you the mother?
Ade: No, I just live here. My mother is gone right now, but she'll be back later.
Guy: Is anything broken there, like the washer?
Ade: Oh! I think she said the washer is broken. She probably called about that then.
Guy: Ok, 'cause I can come by and fix that today. Why don't you have her call me back.

So I told my mom this guy called (and apparently forgot what he was supposed to be repairing). She called him back, and he asked for directions like 15 times. He was supposed to come earlier, but he didn't show up until almost 10 pm. I was upstairs, so I didn't see him, but he came in reeking of smoke. When he bent over to look at the washing machine, he gave my mom a gorgeous view of hairy crack. She was so appalled at the whole situation. And for the icing on the cake, he wrote "may need replaced" on the receipt.

We had a good laugh over it. And then today, my mom discovered that the dryer isn't working properly. She's just going to get a new one.
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