October 6th, 2006


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My mom went to this church sale and got me a set of Greek vocabulary cards. The words on one side are all in Greek with English definitions on the other side. So I guess I'll have to learn the Greek alphabet and how to pronounce things in order to understand these cards.

But I'm sure they'll come in handy for something, someday. I don't know much Greek, other than apparently "kimono" comes from the Greek word for winter. And what do you wear in winter to stay warm? A rrrrrrobe! See? There you go.


Oh! And I found out today, thanks to Myspace, that there's yet another family member on the way. Allen and Angela are now expecting (even though they just got married a little over a month ago). I'm not surprised at all, since before they were even engaged, Angela said she wanted to have kids as soon as possible. So yay, more piggyback rides to give, and more knitting to procrastinate on. I should really finish that baby sweater for little Emily before it's too late...

...not to mention how most of my little cousins demanded knit teddy bears after watching me make the wedding ones...

I'm going to die of carpal tunnel syndrome by my 25th birthday. Yes. I'm going to die of it. Somehow.
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