October 18th, 2006


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In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Ade decides to post about the weekend.

So, here are some of the interesting things I did:

- On Saturday, I was supposed to meet Nick for Indian food (since Megan moved, I lost my Indian food buddy and have been going through withdrawal which is barely satiated by the packaged Indian food I have, which is good but not the same as going out for Indian food with someone), but being Nick, he called at the last minute saying he was too tired. *shrugs* So I went to PARSEC without him (my second meeting, the first was years ago, when I met Gen and Alex-with-the-awesome-hat and probably other people). I saw and talked to fun people despite being rather quiet most of the time (mostly because I tend to get really quiet in larger groups). Afterwards, we went to eat and then hung out at Gen's and Julian's apartment before going to the observatory. Their apartment made me grin, due to all the yarn and partially-knit things floating around. Ahahahahahahaaaa, I'm not the only one. And readings of crappy erotica are always amusing. Then it was off to the observatory for some exploring, film-watching, statue-dressing, and fun. Standing on the roof was amazing, even if it was cold.

- On Sunday, I went up to Meadville, and it was off to Compadres with Rose, Jess, Thom, and Sam. It was like a writers' house semi-reunion, with half the old housemates/people-who-spent-enough-time-there-to-almost-live-there. Rose was taking care of this cuuuuuuuute tortoiseshell kitten, and kittens make life infinitely better (unless you have allergies, in which case it just sucks to be you). We played many games of "attack the hand," so now my hands and wrists are coated with little scratches. Good thing I'm not all that sensitive to things like small scratches (I often suddenly notice scratches and things on myself yet have no idea where they came from and never felt them). I know you're not supposed to use your hand as an attack toy for kittens, since it supposedly teaches them that attacking hands is fun, but I used to play "attack the hand" with Moccasin when he was a baby all the time, but once he got bigger, the game stopped (mainly because he got a lot stronger and it started getting painful), and he doesn't pounce on my hands any more. In any case, kittens are fun.

I spent a good part of today reading The End. Collapse )
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