October 23rd, 2006

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My mom asked me to roast a chicken tonight while she was out at a lecture thingy, so I did. For one thing, it made me glad I'm a vegetarian, because handling/smelling raw animal flesh is disgusting. The chicken was in the oven, and I was on the phone, in one of Francesca's classes. I swear, that smoke detector in the family room is the most oversensitive piece of crap. It goes off pretty much every other night, even when nothing is even close to burning. It's known as the dinner bell in this house. Well, it went off at least half a dozen times when I was on the phone. Fun. Nothing was wrong with the chicken though, it cooked perfectly (despite it being my first time roasting a chicken by myself - thank you, Barefoot Contessa, for your Food Network guidance!), but I seriously wanted to shoot the blasted smoke detector. It looks like the oven needs to be cleaned though. The olive oil and juices were bubbling and spattering a lot.

The funny part is that whenever the alarm goes off, none of the cats even blink an eye, they're so used to it.
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