October 26th, 2006

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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I went on my annual pilgrimage to Schramm's today, in search of the next Cyclor. So I wandered around the pumpkin fields, looking for the right one (nice and round, about a foot tall, very orange, with a decent stem) and interviewing potential candidates. Yes, I had to find the right one. You can't resurrect Cyclor without the right vessel.

Ade: So what's your favorite food?
Pumpkin: Pumpkin!
Ade: Excellent. And your favorite animal?
Pumpkin: Ducks!
Ade: Oh. I'm sorry, we're looking for kitten lovers...

Anyway, I found one eventually and grabbed a couple little "minions" for it. I went to the checkout area, and it said to ring the doorbell inside the door to the market. So I went in and looked for the doorbell. It was very high up on the wall. So I stood on tippy-toe and tried to ring it. Yeah, I was about half an inch too short to ring the damn thing. They might as well have a sign saying "Sorry, we don't sell pumpkins to people under 4'10"." So I had to go ask an employee and confess to being too short. Ah well. I think Cyclor-in-training was laughing at me outside in the pumpkin cart. We'll see who has the last laugh when I carve his flesh, disembowel him, and resurrect the great Cannibal Lord of the Pumpkins on Tuesday. Muhahahahahahahaaaaaa!

Oh, and for those of you in Meadville, you should come to the Fairy Tea Party on Sunday. Yes, I just said Fairy Tea Party. It's at the Unitarian church (in the diamond) from 4-6 pm, and it's an excellent excuse for dressing up in silly costumes. Oh, and I'm going to bake cookies. You know you want free tea and cookies and a chance to make fun of whatever ridiculous outfit I decide to wear. Pleeeeeeeease come! And bring your friends! There's going to be a costume contest and everything (costumes are optional but make it more fun). You might even get a free copy of Faerie Nation Mag (The first issue is out and currently being distributed! Yaaaaay!).

Speaking of the mag, I'm supposed to recruit submissions for issue 3. It won't be out until like June or July, and I'm not even going to look at the submissions until February or March, but if you want to write or draw something, we'd appreciate it. Especially artwork. We need lots more of that. Come on, I know most of you are writers, artists, or both, and it doesn't even have to have anything to do with fairies or anything like that. Heck, I've been writing stuff about knitting. Anyway, here are the submission guidelines, even though I've posted the links a billion times before.


I think I want to go wandering around the woods today. Maybe I'll find some neat bones or something.
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