October 30th, 2006

I'm a dorkety dork dork

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The fairy tea party was fun. I wore my garb and fancy wings and baked peanut butter cookies. My mom came too. People wore fun clothes and wings. I even wore my garb into the restaurant we went to on the way back (but not the wings - those can be a pain to deal with sometimes). And while I was on the way back, Megan called. Yay! I wonder what my mom was thinking, as we were discussing making things out of Jesus-bones and selling them on ebay at one point (don't ask). By the way, if you are Megan and reading this, you need to email me because I never know which email address you use nowadays.

Oh, and I'd heard that Unitarians pretty much believe in everything, but when I was wandering around the church (where the tea party was), I looked in one room and saw a menorah. Wow.

I was cleaning the rat cage today, and the boys were wandering around the basement. Usually Dante just goes and hides in a corner or hunts for food tidbits near the walls (once he found a dirty old Swedish fish under a dresser down there, and I had to wrestle it away from him), but today he was hobbling around with Squeekers and being more adventurous than usual. He went over to this big teddy bear and sat on its lap for a little while. It was so cute, I wished I had my camera down there. I also made a nice, cozy hammock out of sweatpants for them since it's getting colder, so that should make them happy.
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